Greetings! My name is Alex Shot and I'm a wedding photographer. 

I know the secret of perfect photography, perfect moment, perfect light!


Everything is very simple - look in the mirror... - it is you, and you are perfect!

This is the moment of your happiness - and it is perfect.

Your eyes will tell me everything about you, and you won’t be able to hide it from me, because I have experienced it a thousand times together with the same loving people like you, and I know how to make you trust me.

My mission is to feel and catch this moment, this emotion, this feeling, conveying it in my photographs, so that after many years,    barely touching this album, you will feel that unique warmth. And looking at the photo - remembered that moment, the feelings that were then felt.


This is the whole essence and value of a true, sincere photograph.


My studio works in San-Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Sacramento, Los Angeles and other near counties in California. 

Assistance in arranging 




Knowledge of the best locations

Creating unique handcrafted 
photo books

Video production


                   YOUR WEDDING STORIES

After wedding love story

Myconos, Greece

Hot but funny 

Vichenza, Italy

Cozy event at Garda lake

Sirmione, Italy


Dumbo, New York

Amoureux à paris

Paris, France

Like cats and dogs

Dobiaco Trentino, Dolomiti


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